The Style Icon

Kavea R Chavali is one of the most preferred names in the industry today when it comes to hosting live stage events, international conferences or television shows. Part of this success comes from her exemplary style and the way she portrays the same wherever she is, be it in front of the television or on a stage in front of millions of people.
Kavea’s stint as a model early in her career has helped her create a unique, stylish aura for herself. She ensures that this aura becomes her persona at events and shows, taking the audience by storm with her stylish appearance and her irresistible charisma.

Her electrifying screen and stage presence comes from a great combination of trendy clothes and accessories which she effortlessly couples with her inherent charm, grace and poise to set the stage on fire. It is therefore not surprising that she has grown to become one of India’s best style icons in just four years of her career as a live event host and television anchor.

Kavea remains abreast of the latest trends in fashion, ensuring that she puts her best foot forward in all the events that she hosts. While she always remembers to go back to her roots to reminiscence at times, she ensures to make the audience sit up and notice her attire every time she appears in front of them.

Style is not only about clothing. It is also about how you carry yourself as a person in front of the millions of people watching your every move. It lies in adding style to any character that you take up on stage. Kavea adds her own unique style statement to every event she hosts, thus ensuring that no two characters she portrays on stage is same.

A born performer, Kavea knows what the audience loves. Her superb personality shines in every getup she wears on stage while her adorable mannerisms captivate followers. But more than everything, the one thing that make Kavea stand out in her profession is the unique, patented ‘Kavea’ touch she brings to her onstage presence that is neither replaceable nor can be copied by anyone elseShe is an inspiration to many who aspire to become a style icon with a unique presence that will help them achieve the ‘naturally stylish’ tag she has been bestowed with.