The Entrepreneur

You may know her as one of the most preferred television show anchors, live event hosts and voice over artists in India. However, not many know about Kavea R Chavali’s entrepreneurial side which has led her to become the curator as well as founder of two of the leading clothing and jewelry stores in India, Kalaneca – The Uppada Sarees and Loka Jewels.

Kalaneca – The Uppada Sarees

Kavea’s stint as a live event host takes her around the globe at times. These shows warrant that she be dressed to the nines in ultra-stylish dresses. However, when it comes to really flaunting one’s style, Kavea knows that it is the quintessential Indian saree that grabs the spotlight. Thus came into being Kalaneca Sarees, a joint collaboration with two other likeminded enthusiasts, Lata Rao and Ramya Rao. Carving an idea from pure passion, the team set out to bring the best of Coastal Andhra Pradesh in the form of traditional Uppada sarees into every household in India.

Kavea ensures to work along with the team to choose the best of fabrics, designs and colors that go into making these high quality sarees which appeal to all ages. Traditional, stylish and elegant, the Uppada sarees marketed by Kalaneca Sarees are a hit with admirers of authentic drapes worldwide. Just like her online presence reaches out to millions of her fans, her entrepreneurial venture ensure to connect her with customers in cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kolkata as well as countries like Singapore, Houston, Canada, Cape Town and Abu Dhabi via the store’s online website

Loka Jewels

Kavea’s shows take her to some of the most exotic locations on earth. The avid traveler in her has an excellent eye for detail when it comes to choosing the best from these locations to bring back home. Case in point: her interactions with qualified artisans in these locations which help her bring back some of the finest andmost authentic pieces of jewelry one can ever find.

Another feather in Kavea’s entrepreneurial cap, Loka Jewels is a joint venture of the anchor/live event host with singer and vocal artist LopaBandyopadhyay.Loka Jewels specializes in selling a wide range of statement jewels, costume jewels, stone studded jewels and beaded jewels from around the world, offering some of the classiest designs defining the modernistic Indian woman.