Kavea A Voice Over Artist

Marketers are always on the lookout for professional voice over talents in order to boost the effectiveness of their marketing strategies accordingly. With her wonderful voice and excellent articulation skills, Kavea R Chavali has risen to become one of the topmost preferred voice over artists for several television programs and commercials in India as well as abroad.
Kavea possesses all the skills needed by a talented voice over artist. While her believable voice makes her a natural in front of the mike, her ability to enhance the narration with a wide variety of vocal styles makes her a great choice for brand endorsements and commercials.Kavea’s ability to create her own ‘music’ in front of the mike via different pitches and tones makes her voice stand apart from the rest.

Her vivid attention to detail when listening to distinct characteristics also helps her modulate her voice accordingly, thus producing the right pitch and tone in each case for different client requirements. This is what makes her the number one choice for several top brands in the country. Some of her most prestigious brand associations include the likes of Panasonic, Amazon.com, Hyundai Mobis, Exim India, ESC, Hungama, The Times of India, CRN, UPM, Cummins, Franchise India, American Express, Zapak.com, Kingfisher Blue, Xbox, Lotus Herbals, Audi, Siemens, Parle, HDFC Life, NDTV, Royal Challenge and Roca. Some of her more prestigious voice over projects to date include:

  • DBS Bank – IVR
  • Godrej – Corporate Videos
  • Mahindra XUV – Corporate Videos
  • Jingles and Documentaries - AIR
Fluent in three languages, Kaveahas a wonderful accent that makes every word uttered by her flawless and crystal clear. She ensures to employ the right tempo and rhythm for different voice over assignments in order to bring personality, depth and creativity into each narration. This makes her perfect for a wide range of dissimilar projects, including authoritative reading, instructional reading, training or even comic strip reading.

Kavea’s fluidity helps her deliver a wide range of voice over scripts in an impeccable manner, ensuring to deliver a solid performance by taking time to read and understand the script. In addition to delivering her script clearly and crisply, she takes vocal direction into consideration, providing consistent performances with the same energy, enthusiasm and stamina every time irrespective of erratic schedules or multiple takes. It is all these magnificent qualities that make Kavea a force to reckon with in the industry.