Kavea a TV Anchor

Kavea R Chavali is one of the most renowned television anchors in India. Her rise to fame and recognition in such a short time is reminiscent of her command over the language, comfort in front of the camera and the clarity with which she handles deadlines and developing stories.
Her manifold abilities to handle each and every script handed to her with utmost ease are evident in each television show she hosts. In a field where critical thinking, mental agility and continuous learning is a must, Kavea stands out from her contemporaries as a diamond in the rough by acing all three of these qualities.

Television show hosting requires the anchor to have a sound knowledge base of the points being put across. Kavea has a deep understanding of the various details that go into hosting a show on television. She makes it a point to know beforehand all the details pertaining to the name, history, geography and issues of the show, and also possesses the ability to combine all of these details and put them in the right perspective for the viewers.

As a reputed television anchor, Kavea is known for her ability to sort, organize, prioritize and retain high amounts of incoming data, thus offering the right news to the viewers at the right time. Irrespective of round the clock hosting or other professional/personal commitments keeping her busy, she ensures to deliver a stellar performance on every television show she hosts. When it comes to command over the language, Kavea scores brownie points with her dead on grammatical, pronunciation, syntax, tone and storytelling skills.

Television show hosting is all about understanding what the viewer wants to see and hear. This brings about a responsibility on part of the anchor to be highly sensitive to ethical land mines in the form of unconfirmed information, religious sentiments and words that may cause hurt, panic or danger to the public. As a responsible television anchor, Kavea knows and ensures that while hosting television shows, she refrains from all kinds of words or actions that may hurt the sentiments of viewers in any way.

The deep listener that she is, Kavea is able to extract vital pieces of information from the script to portray the story in the most compelling manner possible. She has a gut instinct that tells her what viewers want to know and ensures they get the same by the skillful art of informed questioning and listening.

A television anchor needs to be a master at multitasking. Whether it be taking in the producer’s instructions on a real time basis via an earpiece, scanning information from texts, computer messages or social feeds, listening to what viewers as well as other participants of the show are saying and monitoring incoming videos, Kavea plays her part as a television anchor smoothly without any hiccups. This is why she is the most preferred anchor to host a wide variety of television shows in India.

Her packed schedule keeping her on her toes non-withstanding, KaveaChavali ensures she gives her best shot to every television event she hosts. It is this as well as her inherent qualities as an ace ancho that has made Kavea one of the most sought after television anchors in India in such a short time. Some of her most prestigious stints as a television anchor till date include:

  • Hosted exclusive conferences for leading English business channels CNBC TV 18, ET NOW and Bloomberg.
  • Hosted the Indian Salon Congress – Delhi
  • Hosted Trailer Launch of movie Jaanisaar
  • Hosted the East Coast Maritime Summit 2015 – Vizag
  • Hosted Primetime Award - Mumbai
  • Hosted Express Techology Sabha – Hyderabad and Goa
  • Hosted the Indian Adtech Conference – Gurgaon
  • Hosted the IAMAI India Digital Summit - Delhi