Clients and Testimonials

Kavea R Chavali is one of the very few live event hosts, emcees, voice over artists and television anchors in India who has been associated with the best brands in the country in such a short span of only four years. It is her passion for hosting events and her affinity with the mike that has made Kavea achieve this milestone at such a young age.

We loved working with Kavea on our voice over assignment for Parle’s commercials. She has a natural talent which when coupled with her beautiful voice and amazing story telling capabilities, makes her a wonder to work with. She is wonderful as a communicator and brings in a tone of warmth and intelligence to her voice over projects. We will definitely call her back for future projects as well as recommend her outstanding work in the field to other companies.

Kavea is a very rare television host, blending the line between the factual and entertainment world seamlessly. A fantastic story teller, she is a natural and is completely at ease when interacting with renowned celebrities or the general public. Her passion for anchoring shows clearly in her performance on television. This is why she is preferred for different shows and is repeatedly sought out time and again for our shows.

Kavea is a multi-talented, hardworking and highly knowledgeable host. Her background in engineering was a great asset to the show as was her proficiency in producing good ideas and scripts for live television. She is a rare combination of beauty and brains with a passion to give her best in even the most challenging of environments. She did her homework, was enthusiastic throughout the show and shared a great rapport with other hosts and presenters.

Our Clients

  • HDFC, Kavea, Bank Emcee