When it comes to choosing the best Emcee for a live event, television show or national/international conference, one name that stands above the rest in India is Kavea R Chavali.
An award winning Emcee, Kavea has over 5 years of experience as a full-fledged Emcee and is a highly accomplished master of ceremonies. With a voice and charm that set her miles apart from her contemporaries, Kavea offers the perfect blend of elegance, sophistication and enthusiasm to make any event electrifying and memorable.

Kavea possesses an enigmatic on screen presence that is both appealing and commanding. This makes her the perfect choice for the master of ceremonies for any kind of event from live stage shows and television programs to international conferences. Combine this with an inherent passion to excel in her profession, and you have an Emcee in Kavea who knows how to set the stage on fire.

A master of ceremonies is a person who is entrusted with the responsibility of making the entire event run smoothly without any hiccups whatsoever. Kavea imbibes in her all the characteristic of a successful Emcee to make every event a grand success. Be it the self-confidence one needs to portray on stage while emceeing an event, the preparedness that comes with introducing or talking to people one hardly knows, or the ability to roll with the punches in case of unplanned events, Kavea has it all to ensure an event goes as planned in spite of any issues in between.

Trainings and Certifications
Kavea has attended several trainings and seminars conducted by eminent speakers around the world to back her qualifications as an Emcee. Some of these include:
  • Leadership and One Minute Manager Conference in Bangalore – Ken Blanchard
  • Blue Ocean Strategy Conference in Delhi – Chan Kim
  • Mind Management and Communication in Mumbai – Rooshi kumar Pandya
Kavea has also gained several certifications that aid her in her profession of an ace Emcee for live events. These include:
  • Certified Trainer by the Carlton University, UK
  • Voice Modulation by Darrpan Mehta, Mumbai
  • Body Language by Dr. Abhijit Das, Mumbai
Events Hosted
Over the course of just 5 years, Kavea has been the Emcee for more than 1200 shows. Some of the most prestigious events she has hosted till date include:
  • Loyalty Summit
  • CIO Leadership Summit
  • International Geo technical Society
  • Global Education and Skills Summit
  • 1st Edition of Indian Architectural Design Festival

Kavea Live Event Host

Live event hosting requires confidence, charisma and an electrifying stage presence. Kavea R Chavali has got all this and more, making her the most preferred host for live shows and stage events in India as well as abroad.
As a live event host, Kavea combines her intellect and body language to connect with the audience. She is extremely comfortable in her own skin and ensures to pass off this comfort to the guests as well. Her affinity with the mike as well as her enthusiastic attitude ensures that guests feed off her energy in order to enjoy the show wholeheartedly. As a sole figure facing millions of people in front of her, Kavea makes sure that she maintains a strong sense of self in order to command as well as entertain the audience irrespective of their mood.

It is Kavea’s natural sense of curiosity that enables her to generate a genuine interest when interacting with people. She is excellent as a listener and easily strikes a conversation with anyone anywhere. Rather than playing the part of a simple host, she brings forth her views and helps further the conversation by engaging the audience with her authentic and real performance.

Kavea has mastered the art of improvising her hosting tactics according to her immediate surroundings as well as the situation at hand. She possesses the skills to get off bound scripts and bring her own sense of style to the program. Rather than staying focused on completing the script and walking away, she tosses in her own words and ensures to give the best responses to unexpected situations.

Her engineering background helps provide Kavea with a huge advantage in the hosting marketplace. Her technical background when combined with her amazing hosting skills, makes her the right choice for corporate live awards shows and other technical events.

Live event hosting is all about excellent time management. Kavea has the ability to not only coordinate herself, but the entire team behind the event. She ensures to converse with the team well beforehand regarding the plans for the events so that there are no last minute hassles. That said and done, if some unforeseen situation should arise at the event, she is always available for a round of on-the-go re-planning and rescheduling. This makes her one of the most versatile live event hosts to work with in the industry.