5 ways to be an outstanding master of ceremonies

5 ways to be an outstanding master of ceremonies

How to be an outstanding master of ceremonies

Master of Ceremonies (also known as an MC) is a person who acts as host or presenter of any formal event – be it a wedding or a business event. MC is the main face of a particular event and he/she has to keep the audience engaged, while ensuring event is running as smoothly as possible. So, it’s essential that the MC is confident, entertaining and charismatic at the same time. If you’re hosting an event for the first time and feeling nervous about it, go through the following tips to know your prime responsibilities.

Practice before the event

Just like champions are not made in a day; it’s the result of their hard work and lot of practice. Likewise, a MC cannot get on the stage and start speaking on-the-go. You need to practice before speaking on stage. This way you can effortlessly synchronize the events and introduce people on stage.


Know your role

You must be well aware of your role and responsibilities as MC. Make sure that you keep the audience engaged and event flowing smoothly. Be entertaining and energetic, so attendees don’t feel bored during the event.

Don’t feel like star of the show

Your role is to be on center stage and interact with audience, but that doesn’t mean you start feeling like star of the show and start boasting about yourself. It’s all about the event, not about you. So, just be focused on major cause of the event and don’t talk of something that’s not related to the ceremony.

Ensure other speakers talk within a set time frame

As you’re the main host of the evening, so it’s your sole responsibility that other speakers coming on the stage don’t take more time than required. This is because you even have to wrap up the event on time. Make sure the speaker, who is about to come on the stage, knows that he/she has particular time limit to express their thoughts.

Handle the confusion with ease

It may be possible that someone doesn’t show up for their performance or to receive their award. In that situation, you must know how to handle the confusion with ease. You must keep the event going no matter what happens.

These tips will surely help you to make the event successful, also present you as the best master of ceremonies.